St Peter's Churchyard, Scorton Village, Scorton, Lancashire

St Peter's Church

Upon a visit to my dad's at Accrington in March 2008 he took me to see my Great Grandparents grave & although not my initial intention I decided to take photos of many of the graves in the graveyard. Not all have been recorded but I hope it may be useful to some.

St Peter's Church from Carpark
Bench Outside St Peter's Church
St Peter's Church Steeple
St Peter's Church Front
St Peter's Church Graveyard East Side
My Dad at St Peter's Church, Scorton
Eliza Ormrod & Peter Ormrod Grave
James Cross Ormrod Grave
East Side Back View
Thomas Henry Rushton Grave
James & Beatrice Perry Grave
My Dad & His Grandparents Grave
Me & My Great Grandparents Grave
William Brook Mortimer Grave
St Peter's Church, East Side
John Raby Whitaker Grave
William & Mary Alice Till Grave
Billingham, Gardner & Hudson Graves
Howe & Curwen Graves
Smith & Dockray Grave
St Peter's Churchyard, East Side
George & Mary Wills Grave
East Side & Hodgson Graves
Charles & Elizabeth Cross Grave
John & Jane Speddy Grave
Robert Standing Grave
Swindlehurst & Wildman Grave
Bottom, East Side
Elizabeth Preston Grave
Thomas & Margaret Aitken Grave
Graveyard, Eastside
Wilkinson & Moss Graves
Eastside, Cowell & Horner Graves
Fairclough Grave
St Peter's Church, East Side View
My Dad at Bottom, East Side
Thomas Philip Hyndes Grave
North Side & Button & Wilding Graves
Horace & Phyllis Margaret Mears Grave
Pedder, Kelsall & Whitaker Graves
James & Agnes Topping Grave
Kelsall & Hamer Graves
Newsham, Bottomley & Wilkinson Graves
Huntington Grave
Thomas & Sarah Wilkinson Grave
Ephraim Taylor Grave
George & Jane Garnett Grave
John & Ann Moon Grave
Alfred James & Walter Ling Grave
John & Isabella Wilkinson Grave
West Side & Hodgson Grave
Thomas Cochrane Campbell Grave
William & Mary Jackson Grave
St Peter's Church Graveyard, West Side
West Side Looking East
Thomas & Charlotte Cook Grave
Carr, Worden & Riddell Graves
Slater & Collinson Graves
James & Edith Annie Wareing Grave
West Side of Graveyard Looking East
Cooper-Brown & Swindlehurst Graves
Armer, Riggott & Brierley Graves
Isaac & Mary Lloyd Grave
Herbert Wright & Minnie Pateson Grave
Dockray & Slater Graves
Piggott & Brierley Graves
Speakman & Thompson Graves
Hunt & Thompson Graves
Thompson Graves
Hyndes, Gaskell & Abbott Graves
Thompson Graves, West Side
Kelsall & Robinson Graves
Hamer & Sanderson Graves
Cornall, Jackson, Nicholson & Robinson Graves
Cornall, Jackson, Nicholson & Bonney Graves
Cornall & Jackson Graves
Bonney, Harrison & Ball Graves
Ball, Bivens & Evans Graves
Scorton Village, Scorton, Lancashire

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