Taulauniu Eni (Tau) Hunkin

S. of Eni Faaua' a Hunkin & Taualaitufanuaim Eaatamali' l ManuTau Hunkin

Taulauniumaituitagata Eni (Tau) Hunkin
Born 8.1.1950 at American Samoa, Pacific Isles
Occ. US Army/Sound Technician/Tile Setter/Musician
Marr. Terise (Teri) Baldwin
Died 12th December 2004 at Hawaii


Isaiah Taulauniu
Daniel David


Full name is Taulauniumaituitagata.

"Business executive Teri Hunkin was elected in July as the new president for the American Samoa chapter of Lions International. She is the second female to hold the post for the Lions Club of Pago Pago. Hunkin is married to Tau Hunkin, the younger brother of Congressman Faleomavaega Eni and she is co-owner of Avalon Travel." (From Pacific Islands Magazine)
Aumua Amata pays tribute to the memory of Tau Hunkin

"PAGO PAGO. "Early the morning of Tau's unexpected passing, I was doing errands in Nuuuli when my daughter Erika told me about it. Because I had just seen Tau the day before, I had trouble believing Erika's story, so I called Teri at her home and at that point, even she hadn't yet come to grips with the new reality. Nevertheless Teri confirmed the sad news." "I am compelled to express my sorrow at Tau's death because he touched all of our lives in many different ways. Tau was understated and a real gentleman. He always had a easy smile and a humorous word or two for whomever he came in contact with. I never saw him angry. I told Teri that "Tau is an angel with a little bit of naughtiness," which endeared him to all of us here in the community. I shall miss that pleasant smile and comfortable demeanor. Tau understood what was truly important in life and it was not necessarily the "high muckety muck" stuff. One had the feeling that this was an individual you could talk to about anything. Upon meeting him for the first time and thereafter, I was instantly at ease with Tau." "At this time of great sadness I take joy in having had the good fortune to know Taulauniu Hunkin during his short time with us here on earth." "My husband Fred, my children Erika Leatavalavala, Mark Peter Tali Coleman, Kirsten Amata and I extend our love and deep sympathy to Teri, her children and the entire Hunkin Clan. Families are indeed forever and the good news is that one day we'll all be together again." Aumua Amata concluded by saying, "Ia manuia lau malaga, Taulauniu. I am a better person for having known you. (From Samoan News)

A "Tofa mai feleni" to Taulauniu Hunkin

"Seldom are people so fortunate to count their friends in the hundreds or the thousands, however this was the case for Taulauniu "Tau" Hunkin who passed away suddenly in the early hours of Friday. His friendship and love ignored the barriers of age, race or social strata and this allowed his "mana" to reach out to embrace all who recognized it. Tau was born Jan. 8, 1950 in American Samoa and graduated from Kahuku High School on Oahu in 1968. After serving in the military, he studied Liberal Arts at Brigham Young University, Hawaii. In 1969 he was drafted into the United States Army and served in Special Services in Vietnam from '69-'71. Tau told friends and family that he came out of Vietnam alive because he was lucky enough on his first R & R in Saigon to see a military advertisement looking for musicians. Tau said when he went to apply, handling the auditions was another island boy from Hawaii who asked him, "Hey bro, what do you play?" Tau answered, "What you want me to play? You want guitar, I play guitar; you want drums, I play drums; you want a singer, I sing. Hey you want someone to play bagpipes, I play bagpipes." During his time with Special Services he toured 91 fire bases with the Army Band and worked as sound technician with the USO floor show, including the famous Bob Hope show in Long Binh. Tau was honorably discharged from the military in 1971. From 1972 through 1980 Tau worked as a professional musician and dancer in Hawaii, Asia and American Samoa. He worked the Moana Hotel in Waikiki and Waiakea Resort Village in Hilo. He toured Japan with Alan Barcarse's Polynesian Revue and also worked at the Polynesian Cultural Center. After forming "Moondance" (a group whose first album placed in the Top 10 for contemporary albums at the 1977 Hoku Awards) he performed throughout Hawaii with Cecilio & Kapono, Kalapana and Loyal Garner. As with most musicians, Tau had a backup profession. He was a tile setter by trade and between entertainment gigs in California in the late 70s and early 80s, he worked at that trade and also set up a tile business when he returned with his wife and family to American Samoa in 1986. In the almost 20 years that Tau has been back home he has organized numerous benefits for the Pago Pago Visitors Association, formed the group "Mana" and performed at the Polynesian Music Festival in Rarotonga, entertained throughout American Samoa for various benefits and has composed a lengthy list of island and contemporary music. He is a member of O Le Siuleo O Samoa, American Samoa Surfing Association and Lion's Club International. Tau is survived by his wife of 30 years Therese Hunkin, daughter Liaina Hunkin Claytor, sons Taulauniu Isaiah Hunkin and Daniel Eni Hunkin; grandsons Raimana Hunkin (7), Rio Claytor (4), and granddaughter Maya Claytor (18 mos.); brothers Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin and Albert Hunkin; sisters Tui Hunkin Vanisi, Dr. Salu Hunkin, and Sape Hunkin Magalei. Preceding him in death were his sister Arlene Hunkin McBraun and his parents Eni Hunkin, Sr. and Taualai Manu Hunkin. The family will finalize and announce arrangements later this week. Anoai ke aloha, Tau." (By Patty Page, Samoa News Staff)

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The picture is with great thanks to Tema Hunkin

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